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Composers and Works (6th)

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Composers and Works is a part of the Middle School Arts Rotation at STJES. In this class, 6th graders will explore the relationship between a composer, their compositions (works), time period, genre, and nationality. They will study music in five units: Getting Started, Old Dead European Guys, American Guys Still Dead, Women in the Mix, and Whaddya Know. In each unit, they will learn how to research and how to express their new found knowledge using web 2.0 resources. In the final unit, they will create their own Glog or Podcast to demonstrate their understanding of one particular composer.


Back to School Night Glog


This class meets three times a week for one trimester.


What's Happening in Composers and Works?



(Wordle Hint: to make some words larger than others, type them more than once in a row. For example, if you want Orchestra the largest, type it three times in a row and it will come out larger than other words.)


Unit 1

  • Students are renewing their understanding of musical terms, the orchestra instruments, and obtaining new knowledge about musical eras.
  • Students are reviewing the orchestra and creating Wordles to show their understanding.
  • Students are working collaboratively to determine The Most Important Thing about each era.
  • Students are working to develop answers to Essential Questions such as, "How does a composer's life and location effect his/her music?"




Aaron Copland Webquest Resources







We are making Glogs! Each student has a composer to research and a Glog to create. Here is a screencast of how to make a Glog, in case you forget.

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