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Fourth Grade

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Welcome to St. John's Music


Two big events of note for your calendar right now:

Thursday, December 16

Our Annual Christmas Celebration

Wednesday, May 18

Festival of the Arts


We have both a daytime dress rehearsal (open to families) and an evening formal performance for all students. All families are encourage to accommodate these important performances in their family calendar. This is the time for the kids to demonstrate all of their great work.


What's Happening in Music?

  • Students are learning about the music of Russia as they prepare for the International Festival. The children will study:
    • The Russian National Anthem
    • Traditional instruments such as the balalaika
    • Famous Russian Composers
    • a performance by the Red Army Chorus (historical)


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Resources for Note Reading and Recorder

http://www.pedaplus.com/flash/treblebeg.html (Note reading quiz)

http://method-behind-the-music.com/theory/notation (music theory text descriptions)




http://www.dolmetsch.com/cfingerchart.htm (fingering chart for Baroque recorders, a few of our fingerings like F and F# are different)










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