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Music with Ordinary Objects (7th)

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Music with Ordinary Objects is a part of the Middle School Arts Rotation at STJES. It is a class that explores sound organization (music) versus disorganization (noise) using ordinary objects. The class is built around the performance-style of the popular "STOMP" show. The students will gain skills in rhythm, melody, harmony, teamwork, responsibility, self-confidence, and positive attitude while performing, creating, analyzing and reflecting upon their work.


This class meets three times a week for one trimester.


What's Happening in Music?

  • The students are exploring how sound can be organized into music by using ordinary objects instruments.
  • The students are studying how different natural materials can be together to change sound
  • The students can use ideas from "STOMP" to make their own instruments






Body Percussion Project

MWOO Body Percussion Project.doc














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