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Orff Ensemble (5th)

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The 5th grade Orff Ensemble is a part of the Middle School Arts Rotation at STJES. Students who have opted to take Chorus or Video will take Orff Ensemble. (All 5th graders, regardless of performing group choice, will take art/drama in arts rotation)


Orff Ensemble is a performance-based group that will build upon the skills learned in lower school music. There will be a strong emphasis on advanced instrument play including recorder and in-tune singing. Folk dance/creative movement will also be integral.


Orff Ensemble will have its performance on Tuesday, November 23rd at 2:30pm.


Orff Ensemble Syllabus.pdf


Recorder Fingering Chart

Treble Note Names


What's Happening in Orff Ensemble?

  • Students in the Orff Ensemble are applying their understanding of rhythm to write a speech and percussion rondo.
  • Students are working collaboratively to create this piece of music.










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